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New City Budget Keeps Spending Flat

Mar 25, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City officially has a budget for the coming fiscal year, and it looks a lot like the one for this year.

The only change from the budget plan the council reviewed earlier this month is a small increase for neighborhood clean-up programs and bulky item pick-up.

Finance co-chair Deb Hermann the plan as "really a continuation of last year's budget"

The $1.24 billion spending plan includes no raises for city staff, council members or municipal judges. It raises zoo funding by ten percent and puts an extra $2.5 million into street repairs. Water and sewer rates will increase by about $6.50 a month for the average homeowner.
,br>If the earnings tax is not renewed, there will have to be additional revenues, possibly from a property tax increase and charges for trash pick-up.