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Nelson & Parton (Not A Law Firm)

Jul 5, 2014

Willie Nelson

How does 81 year old Willie Nelson keep life interesting?  By doing what he's done repeatedly for the past 58 years, composing and performing some of the best country music ever.  Nelson, who's written over 2,500 songs and released nearly 300 albums, has a new recording called Band of Brothers.  It's been critically acclaimed as his best album in a decade.  The album is featured along with anothernew release from the legendary Dolly Parton titled Blue Smoke.  Nelson and Parton make sweet music together on this edition of Cyprus Avenue.

Track List

Willie Nelson - "Bring It On”

Dolly Parton - “Blue Smoke”

Willie Nelson - “Hard To Be An Outlaw”

Willie Nelson - “I’ve Got A Lot Of Traveling To Do”

Dolly Parton - “If I Had Wings”

Willie Nelson - “Crazy Like Me”

Willie Nelson (w/ Jamie Johnson) – “The Git Go”

Dolly Parton – “Don’t Think Twice”

Willie Nelson – “Used To Her”

Dolly Parton (w/ Kenny Rogers) – “You Can’t Make Old Friends”

Willie Nelson – “The Songwriters”

Dolly Parton (w/ Willie Nelson) – “From Here To The Moon & Back”