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National Database Reveals How Candidates are Likely to Vote

Sep 29, 2010

Jefferson City, MO – Missouri's congressional candidates have been added to a national database whose creators say will show voters where they're likely to stand on national issues. It's called Vote Easy, and it was set up by Montana-based Project Vote Smart.

Adelaide Kimball is a board member and senior advisor for the group. She says most candidates don't like telling voters how they would vote on such issues as abortion, immigration and gun control.

"They (the candidates) have crafted messages that they think will help them win," says Kimball. "What Vote Smart has done is take their public statements and their records, their public records, and we've spent thousands of hours of researching their likely answers."

Some candidates took part in the Vote Easy survey and answered all questions put to them, while others only answered a few or none at all. Kimball says neither Roy Blunt nor Robin Carnahan chose to participate, so her group used comments made by the two U.S. Senate hopefuls to predict where they stand on various issues.

The database can be found online at