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My Two Cents: Vlad Rangotchev

Jun 19, 2009

Overland Park, KS – Vlad Rangotchev didn't expect to fall in to his current career path. He was just breaking into the graphic design field, when a car accident and the loss of his job set him on a different course.

Now a few years down the road, a down economy has brought new challenges to Rangotchev's business...and also inspired some innovation. He's allowed clients to trade maintenance and child care services for classes, brought similar businesses into his building, and made the space more energy efficient. As a result, he says things are going really well.

Rangotchev's story is the latest in KCUR's on-going series called My Two Cents, about how the economy is affecting people in Kansas City. The story was produced by KCUR's Elana Gordon.