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'My Life, My Town': Alizebeth Wright

Mar 26, 2013

More than a quarter of Missouri's population lives in rural areas. The series "My Life, My Town" documents the lives of teenagers from small Missouri towns. These are the youth who make up the future of rural life -- IF they decide to stay.

With her father in the military, Alizebeth Wright is the first to acknowledge that her childhood has been anything but typical. Each time he's re-stationed she's been forced to move around the world, along with her mom, four sisters, and little brother.

When deployment pulls her father away from home for long stretches of time it's difficult for Alizebeth to fully enjoy the added freedom this means for her–her mother is far more lenient than her father–without shutting out the nagging sense of worry for her dad that envelopes her mother when he is away.

Producer: Benjamin Hoste