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'My Life, My Town': Alaysha Jefferson

Mar 19, 2013

More than a quarter of Missouri's population lives in rural areas. The series "My Life, My Town" documents the lives of teenagers from small Missouri towns. These are the youth who make up the future of rural life -- IF they decide to stay.

Alaysha Jefferson loves cheerleading at the Hallsville High School in Hallsville, Missouri. Living in a small town that has the population of 1,300 and without a car to drive around, Alaysha has a quiet life. She spends her time in classes, cheerleading practice, and doing homework at home.

Although she loves Hallsville, growing up as a racial minority is not always easy in this town that is 96% White and 1.5 % African American. Alaysha is learning how to deal with racial issues at the age of 15.

Producers: Yi-Chin Lee, Emily Kaiser