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Murder Auction Items Vanishing

Nov 2, 2009

Kansas City, Mo. – Executives of E-bay say they've started removing memorabilia put up for-sale to raise money for the Kansas City man accused of killing Doctor George Tiller.

The online auction house pledged to take down anti-abortion artifacts, sale of which was designed to benefit Scott Roeder. He allegedly killed the Wichita abortion provider as he attended church last May. According to E-bay, the items for sale violate its listing policies.

Some items were still posted late in they day E-bay made public its decision. One was a catechism signed by Ohio anti-abortion activist Michael Bray. Another is a bible once owned by a woman who shot and wounded Tiller in 1993 and was later convicted in a series of abortion clinic bombings and arsons. E-bay was pulling the items as it searched for connections between them and the criminal case.

Roeder is awaiting trial, pleading not guilty to charges against him.