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Mormons Return, Alumni Debate KCPS Future, Longview Mystery

Feb 12, 2012

The show for February 12, 2012.  Click "Listen" to hear the entire show, see below for individual stories.

Mormons Return To Missouri

According to the Mormon religion, Independence, Missouri is the site of the biblical Garden of Eden, and Daviess County will be the location of the Second Coming.  But in 1838, the governor violently expelled Mormons from the state. But recently, Latter Day Saints have been returning to Missouri.

KCMO Alumni Debate The District’s Future

As the Missouri legislature considers dismantling the Kansas City, Missouri school district, some former students from the district debate the pros and cons of less-dramatic options, in an event organized by DebateKC and the Kansas City Star.

What IS That? Longview Cupola

In most recent update of our occasional series What IS That?, Susan Wilson discovers the story of an odd structure by Longview Lake.

UMKC Professor Examines History Of Slavery In Missouri

UMKC historian Diane Mutti Burke has been researching the small-scale slavery practiced in Missouri, which differed from the plantations in the Deep South. She'll be talking about her book, On Slavery's Border, Missouri's Small Slaveholding Households on February 22 at the National Archives at Kansas City.

Central Standard Talks Love Songs

In the days before Valentine’s Day, KCUR staffers consider some of their favorite love songs (including one KC Currents host!).  On Tuesday, February 14, on Central Standard, Jabulani Leffall will be talking about love songs with a team of music aficionados.