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More Than 2 Dozen Kansas Candidates Just Make Filing Deadline

Jun 10, 2010

Shawnee Mission, Kansas – June 10th, noon, was the filing deadline for Kansans who wanted to run for office. Some 25 hopeful state legislators, U.S. representatives, even 2 U.S. Senate candidates got in just under the gun.

There are 7 candidates - 6 of them Republican - running for the 1st Congressional district in Western Kansas. 9 filed for the Senate seat vacated by Sam Brownback.

Brownback, who is running for Governor, filed just 10 days ago. His primary opponent, Joan Heffington, filed yesterday.

Stephene Moore was one who waited until the last minute. She filed today.

Moore is hoping to replace her retiring husband, Dennis Moore, in the 3rd Congressional District. The District includes Johnson, Wyandotte, and part of Douglas counties.

Political analyst Fred Logan says candidates from the President's party historically do poorly in mid-term elections. He says the bad economy will also hurt Democrats.

Logan doesn't think Stephene Moore will necessarily inherit her husband's popularity.

"Because he's just simply been around so long. I figured out one time he'd been on a county- wide ballot in Johnson County 12 times."

The Kansas primary elections are August 3rd.