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Moore,Yoder More Aggressive In Second Debate

Sep 23, 2010

Overland Park, Kansas – The candidates for the third Congressional District in Kansas tried to win votes during a 90 minute debate before a crowded lunch meeting of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce today. They hit all their talking points - harder than they have in the past.

Republican Kevin Yoder said voters have a clear choice between a new voice in Washington, or business as usual with Stephene Moore. He said Moore will vote in lock - step with the failed policies of the democratic administration, and he linked her repeatedly to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; "And yes, Nancy Pelosi does matter, because the first vote your Congressman is going to take is a vote for the Speaker of the House."

Stephene Moore called Kevin Yoder a career politician after 8 years in Topeka, and pulled off the gloves at the Nancy Pelosi association; "I do not see Nancy Pelosi in the room, Kevin. You've mentioned her name so many times. If you wanna run against Nancy Pelosi you should probably move to California."

Libertarian Jasmine Talbert also was part of the debate, urging voters to study the candidates writings, and their positions on the issues behind the rhetoric in the campaign.