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Moore Retirement Has Parties Scurrying

Nov 25, 2009

Kansas City – Those on the inner circle may have known Dennis Moore was considering retirement, but for many who watch the politics of the complicated Kansas 3rd district, it was an abrupt announcement that caught them off guard. Republican National Congressional Committee spokesman Tom Erickson called Moore's decision "a welcome surprise." He said Republicans believe Democrats can't win the 3rd District without Dennis Moore, who has held the seat with the help of moderate Republicans and independents in suburban Kansas Johnson County for six terms.

Erickson: "It will be hard for the Democrats to find someone in that county who can appeal to independents and moderates like Dennis Moore did."
"That's a little bit wishful thinking."

That's Larry Gates, Chairman of the Kansas Democratic Party. He says while voter registration tips Republican, Johnson Countians historically vote for the candidate and the issues, not the party. He says a number of Democrats are weighing interest in the seat.