As Moore Announces Retirement, Voices From His Career Weigh In | KCUR

As Moore Announces Retirement, Voices From His Career Weigh In

Nov 23, 2009

Kansas City, MO – Saying "it is time for a new generation of leadership to step forward," Congressman Dennis Moore announced this afternoon he would retire after 6 terms representing the 3rd Congressional District of Kansas. In a district that includes Republican Johnson County, Moore has been elected by winning the support of Republican moderates who consistently crossed party lines to vote for him. Citing the controversial issues before Congress this year, Moore said the work was tiring, but that he'd always sought to represent "the moderate mainstream of the district."

We'll now hear from some who've been part of the Congressman's political life - campaign workers, constituents, community leaders.


That was Ronnie Metsker, Chair of the Johnson County Republican Party. Immediately before that, we heard from Nick Jordan, who opposed Dennis Moore in the 2008 election. We also heard from Kris Kobach, UMKC Professor of Law, from a 2008 interview on the impact of the McCain-Palin coat tails. Other voices included those of former Kansas Senator David Adkins, Boo Tyson of The Mainstream Coalition, and Pastor Jerry Johnston of The First Family Church in Overland Park. Finally, we heard from Congressman Dennis Moore speaking, and singing with his guitar.