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MoDOT Unveils New Paseo Bridge Plans

Kansas City, MO –
The Missouri Transportation Department unveiled the long-awaited design for a replacement for the Paseo Bridge on Wednesday.

The new Christopher S. Bond Bridge will be a cable-supported structure with a single 200-foot-tall, delta shaped pylon.

Daniel Serda, who was a member of the local commission that advised MoDOT, says it will be a new landmark icon for Kansas City. He says the bridge creates a sense of drama and makes an excellent symbol of the link between sections of the community north and south of the river.

Serda, of Kansas City Design Center was a member of a 12-member commission that advised MoDOT on design and other details. Serda and Jennifer Benefield of MoDOT said thanks to the committee, there was plenty of local input. Serda said the group had control of 20 percent of the decision.

Serda explained the concept of the single-tower, delta-pylon, cable stay bridge as involving a one central tower, taller than the Liberty Memorial, with bridge support cables deployed from it similar to the way the cables support the Bartle Hall roof.

The bridge will be completed by a team involving Clarkson Massman and Kewit Western construction companies, Parsons Transportation Group, the designers, and TransSystems. The new Christopher S. Bond Bridge will be built alongside the existing structure with four lanes open in peak traffic hours all the way through completion.