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MO Lawmakers Scrutinize State Medicaid Structure

Nov 15, 2010

Jefferson City, MO – Some Missouri lawmakers are questioning the way Medicaid benefits are doled out.

Currently, three state agencies -- The departments of Social Services, Health and Senior Services, and Mental Health -- disperse the bulk of Medicaid payments to clients.

Ryan Silvey of Gladstone, the incoming House Budget Committee chair, says that may have to change.

"Before we make decisions that potentially put fewer services out there for our constituents, I want to know with absolute certainty that we are operating the most efficient government possible, that we're not duplicating services," says Silvey.

Silvey today told the House Interim Committee on Budget Transparency, which he also chairs, that lawmakers may have to cut nearly $700 million from next year's budget. And he suggested that consolidating the number of agencies that handle Medicaid cases may be necessary.

The 2011 legislative session begins January 5th.