MO House Gives First-Round Approval To Opt-Out Health Care Resolution

Mar 4, 2010

Jefferson City, Mo. – The Missouri House has given first-round approval to a proposed constitutional amendment designed to block compulsory participation in any national health care system.

Supporters of the resolution, including GOP House Member Tim Flook of Clay County, said President Obama and the Democratic-led Congress are trying to expand the role of government in everyday life.

"The nanny state didn't work in England, it didn't work in Eastern Europe, it didn't work in South America it's not working in California, it's not working in Michigan," said Flook. "The people of this country don't want crushing national debt."

Democrat Leonard Hughes of Kansas City accused Republicans of misrepresenting facts about health care reform, and said that access to affordable health care is in crisis.

"Over 60 million people are under-insured, not counting the people who are not insured," Hughes said. "And so we have a true crisis and epidemic on our hands."

The measure needs one more House vote before moving over to the Senate.