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MO Democratic Chair Will Step Down

Jul 31, 2013

Missouri Democrats will  be picking a new state party chair when they meet in late August.

Current Chairman Mike Sanders  is stepping down from the post.

Mike Sanders to leave helm of Missouri Democratic Party .
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

The incumbent Jackson County Executive is in his second term as Missouri Democratic Chairman. 

The former county prosecutor said he’d made a point he had planned to leave the job after the elections of 2012--“but, fund raising was going  well. We needed to make sure that the party was in a good position to transition to the next Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party so I was asked by party leaders to stick around until after roughly this July.” 

In Sanders summation, “  It’s July and so,  here we are.”

Sanders said the time is right for him to leave.

The Party is in the black, it can make payroll and staff is in place, what Sanders called the perfect time to transition after all the fund-raising. 

He said $7 million was raised in 2012, much attributable to Senator Claire McCaskill. 

The next head of the Missouri Democratic Party will be chosen August 24 in Jefferson City.