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Mo. Bills Would Reform Campaign Contributions

Dec 2, 2009

Jefferson City, MO – Bills addressing campaign finance reform in Missouri have been pre-filed, just over a month before the start of the 2010 legislative session

One bill would restore campaign contribution limits that were removed in 2007, restored by the Missouri Supreme Court later that same year, and then removed again by GOP lawmakers and former Governor Matt Blunt in 2008. The proposal to again restore limits is sponsored by Democratic Floor Leader Paul LeVota:

Paul LeVota: "Since that time, we've seen a lot of increase in the amount of contributions going to committees, and a lot of questions about how they relate to legislation we think that the limits make sense."

Meanwhile, the leading Republican in the Missouri Senate Charlie Shields has pre-filed a bill that would bar contributions during legislative sessions and expand income reporting requirements to legislative staff.

Charlie Shields: "Now, this is an issue that's been around, we've tried it before it has been ruled unconstitutional by the Missouri Supreme Court, but we may go after it again and find out if we can do that."

The bill would also provide the Missouri Ethics Commission with a full-time investigator.