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Mixed Reaction to Sunnyside Dog Park Plan

Kansas City, MO – The glow of twilight through stained-glass windows casts rainbow hues on 150 area residents who listen as a couple of dozen "preach" for and against making a dog park out of the southwest 20 percent of Sunnyside Park at 84th and Summit. Most are supporters, but not John Hagar, who worries about 3 and 2 baseball in the park

Hagar: "This is the wrong park. There's not enough space for the one diamond to practice."

Or Paul Wood, who says...

Wood: "Just walk your dog on a leash. Why do you have to have your dog off-leash? What's the point?"

Dog park supporter Carmen Root calls it a kind of NIMBY syndrome.

Root: "They're used to having a green space to look at, an empty green space. But, you know, parks are to be used, and so that's what we want to do."

The task force will make its recommendations to the Parks Board on where to put an off-leash park next month. Steve Bell, KCUR News.