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Missouri Weighs In On Ballot Issues

Nov 7, 2012

Missouri voters considered four ballot measures this election.

Constitutional Amendment 3

Voters rejected a ballot measure changing how judges are appointed to the state Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

No  63.9%

Yes 76.0%

Proposition A

St. Louis is getting back control of its police department for the first time in more than 150 years. Missouri voters have approved Proposition A, allowing the city to oversee its own police.

Yes 63.9%

No 36.1%

Proposition B

Missouri voters rejected this measure that would have raised the state’s tax on cigarettes from 17 cents a pack to 90 cents.

No 50.8%

Yes 49.2%

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Proposition E

Missouri voters passed Proposition E, limiting the governor’s power to set up a health exchange as part of the federal health care law.

Yes 61.8%

No 38.2%

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