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Missouri Senate Holds Up Revenue Department Budget

Mar 29, 2013

The Missouri Senate is threatening to delay passing the budget for the Department of Revenue over the state agency’s scanning of source documents for driver’s licenses, conceal-carry endorsements and other permits. 

Earlier this week, the Senate Appropriations Committee issued a subpoena ordering Revenue officials to hand over all documentation related to the practice, in order to determine if the agency is sharing information with the federal government or a third-party entity. 

Majority Floor Leader Ron Richard promised Appropriations Chairman Kurt Schaefer to delay passage of the DOR’s budget until it complies.

“If we have to go into special session on their budget, we will go through the budget process, (but) we will not go to their budget until you are satisfied with their answers,” says Richard.

The Missouri Senate received all 13 budget bills after the House passed them Thursday. 

Revenue Director Brian Long recently told a State House committee that his agency is not sharing information from scanned documents with the federal government, and that they began the practice as a means of combating fraud.