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Missouri Senate Debates Second Injury Fund

Feb 5, 2013

The Missouri Senate spent more than two hours debating legislation that would keep the state’s ailing Second Injury Fund alive. 

The proposal being considered would raise fees that businesses currently pay into the fund while placing restrictions on future claims.  Democrat Maria Chappelle-Nadal of St. Louis County said in floor debate that raising the cap on businesses was a good move, but expressed concern that people with pre-existing conditions would be left out.

“A good example is someone who has served in the military, in active duty, and has decided to come home, and then gets in a car accident – that person is not covered any longer, as this bill is written,” said Chapelle-Nadal.

The Second Injury Fund provides compensation to people with disabilities who then fall victim to a workplace injury or illness. 

Senate debate is scheduled to resume today and leaders say they hope to gain first-round approval this week.