Missouri Looks At Permanent Switch To Daylight Saving Time

Mar 4, 2013

Legislation in the Missouri House would permanently adopt Daylight Saving Time as the new standard time, but only if 20 other states also agree to do so. 

The bill would create a pact with other states to, quote, “eliminate” Daylight Saving Time by renaming it the new “Standard Time.”  And once 20 or more states join the pact, they’ll spring forward one hour and permanently remain there. 

The bill is sponsored by GOP House Member Delus Johnson of St. Joseph.

“The only question I had on this are that children are going to be at bus stops in the dark.  The majority of accidents that have occurred at bus stops occur in the daytime between 3 and 4 in the afternoon.”

Johnson says having an extra hour of afternoon sunlight year-round would also spur more economic activity.  The bill faces a House committee vote next week.