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Missouri Legislators Discuss Right-To-Work Bill

Jan 14, 2014

A bill that would turn Missouri into a right-to-work state was the subject of a hearing in Jefferson City Monday.

As written, the so-called “Freedom to Work Act” would bar workers from being required to engage or cease engaging in labor union activities as a condition for employment.

Greg Johns with the group Missourians for Right to Work cites Oklahoma as an example of where it has worked.

“They have created 62,000 more new jobs there," said Johns. "Oklahoma has reduced from 7 percent to 5 percent (their) unemployment, lowest in the nation. Oklahoma’s rainy-day savings went up from $2 million to $600 million.”

Opponents say the bill would lead to lower wages for all working Missourians. St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley went further, stating that right-to-work equals union-busting.

A committee vote on the bill is expected later.