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Missouri House Passes Abortion Legislation

Mar 31, 2010

Jefferson City, Mo. – The Missouri House has passed a wide-ranging bill that would create new requirements surrounding abortions. The new requirements include notifying prosecutors anytime a girl younger than 18 seeks an abortion, whether she goes through with it or not.

GOP House Member Brian Nieves of Franklin County says it would reduce the number of abortions performed in Missouri.

"And hopefully, bringing to justice the sick, disgusting people that would actually rape an underage child," Nieves says.

The bill would also make it a crime to coerce a woman into having an abortion and expand the information she must receive 24 hours before an abortion takes place.

Opponents argued that family planning and sex education would be better options for reducing abortions.

The bill now goes to the Missouri Senate, where a similar measure is being blocked by Democrats.