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Missouri Governor Brings School Funding Debate To Younger Audience

Jan 28, 2014

Coming out of his State of the State call for more education spending, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon brought his case to Kansas City and a younger audience with a stake in the future. 

Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

The forum was an assembly of some 700 Center High School students.

The Governor tried to break down staggering financials to something a less sophisticated economics mind would understand, telling students the system can open more than a local earnings’ future, to world-wide.

Nixon, a Democrat, promoted his proposed 2015 budget including $42 million more in qualified hikes for universities and colleges.

Nixon earlier had talked in classrooms about exemplary Missourians.  

“Born in Marceline Missouri, grew up as a little kid there. (He) just liked to sketch stuff. Think about the impact he’s had on the world,” Nixon said of Walt Disney.

Later, with reporters Nixon was heavier with the discussion of funding.

He was adamant the state constitution forbade state funds for private schools.

Nixon spoke without criticism of the state Commissioner of Education in the battle over Kansas City Public School accreditation.