Missouri Girl Advocates Acceptance of 'Limb Difference,' And Tips For New Noodlers

Jul 21, 2017

Apart from a 3D-printed prosthetic arm that shoots glitter, 11-year-old Jordan Reeves' Project Unicorn includes several T-shirts. "I have a shirt that says 'Celebrate the Unicorns,'" she says, "which means you should celebrate the differences in life."
Credit Luke X. Martin / KCUR 89.3

Jordan Reeves can get a little annoyed when people stare at her left arm, but "I ask them if they have any questions for me," the 11-year-old says. Today, we speak with Reeves about her multifaceted work spreading acceptance of limb difference. Then, we meet a couple of sportsmen who take to Midwest streams and lakes to pull stubborn catfish out of the water by hand. It's a practice with many names, but the most fun one to say is "noodling."