Missouri Education Board President Defends Nicastro Amid Email Controversy

Dec 10, 2013

Missouri Education Commissioner, Chris Nicastro.
Credit State of Missouri

The president of the Missouri board of education is criticizing groups that are calling for Missouri Education Commissioner, Chris Nicastro, to resign. Meanwhile, one of those lawmakers says the Kansas City district has no voice on the state board.

Kansas City area State Sen. Paul LeVota is one of eight members of the legislature who called for the resignation of the commissioner after emails were made public that some say suggest that she carried on a covert campaign to change the governance of the Kansas City School District.

“I asked the governor to make sure he appoints a member from our area to the statewide board of education," said LeVota. "That I think would be helpful in discussions for someone to understand our issues. It's an open seat right now.”

Board president Peter Herschend issued a statement Monday saying the board, not Commissioner Nicastro, has had the final say in matters involving struggling school districts and criticizing persons he said were “fighting even suggestions of change.”