Missouri Attorney General Candidate Vows To Fight Internet Crime | KCUR

Missouri Attorney General Candidate Vows To Fight Internet Crime

Sep 29, 2008

Kansas City, MO – Republican Attorney General candidate Michael Gibbons promised to crack down on internet crime in Missouri if elected. Gibbons campaigned around the state yesterday, proposing a new cyber-crimes unit in the Attorney's General's office. KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross reports.

State Senator Michael Gibbons explained his plans on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse. He said on-line predators and financial scams are a growing problem across the state. His new unit would provide increased resources to local law enforcement agencies fighting internet crime, and inform the public about threats and scams.

GIBBONS: We'll be sending an email out across the state - certainly all the media outlets, but also individual citizens alerting them as to what the threat is, and what they can do to protect themselves from that.

A spokesman for the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, Chris Koster, says the Attorney General's office has had an effective cyber crime unit since 2001. He said Koster understood the challenges of fighting on-line predators from a local law enforcement perspective.