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Missouri 340 Canoe Race Postponed Due To Flooding

Jul 8, 2014

Contestants at the 2007 Missouri 340 race cast off from Kansas City on a long journey to St. Charles.
Credit Marek Uliasz / Flickr-CC

For hundreds of paddlers, the Missouri 340 race is a true test of endurance, but flooding along the Missouri River has put the competition on hold.

The popular canoe race runs 340 miles from Kansas City to St. Charles. Organizers said they felt that heightened water levels would introduce too much debris and keep racers from being able to reach shore when they needed a break. 

Scott Mansker, race director, says postponing the race isn't ideal because people already have taken time off work to race. But the delay ultimately won't kill the competition, he says.

"We will lose quite a number of the 400 boats," Mansker said. "But by the same token, because the race has been sold out for so long, now the door's open for people to enter."

If the river cooperates, the race will take place from Aug. 12-15.