Miles In Millions Mean Meager Payback For Police | KCUR

Miles In Millions Mean Meager Payback For Police

Aug 26, 2008

If you blanch at the state of the economy, put yourself in the shoes of budget-handlers of the Kansas City police department. At a recent Board of Commissioners meeting , members did not seem to be too disturbed. The deficit is $5.6 million. A good portion is from gasoline prices. Deputy Chief Cy Ritter tells KCUR reimbursement from the city is three dollars a gallon when more than $3.60 has been common. In Colonel Ritter's words:

"It's going to cost us about $885,000 additional dollars. And that's what we're going to ask the city for."

The request expected in October. Another million was lifted from the budget by the Kansas City Missouri City Council, expecting a consolidation with KCI Airport Police, something that will not happen, So that money will also be returned.