Mike Burke Finishes Second, Faces Sly James in General Election

Feb 23, 2011

Kansas City, Mo. – One month to go before Kansas City voters pick the next mayor and it will be either Mike Burke or Sly James. The two lawyers advance to the general election from a field that leaves four other candidates wondering what went wrong. KCUR's Dan Verbeck watched the Burke celebration

It was a political name crowd at the Northland lawyer's election eve party in Westport, celebrating a candidate for whom things went right' by finishing second in a pack of six.

Mike Burke was introduced by former Kansas City mayor Dick Berkley. In the crowd were incumbent council members and candidates Cindy Circo, Ed Ford, Jim Glover and Scott Taylor. Former Mayor Charles Wheeler was there as well as former Council member Joanne Collins. The curiosity was attendance by former Chair of the Johnson County Commission Annabeth Surbaugh.

Burke said he will spend the month of the final campaign describing his vision: "A city where government is professional, responsive and makes news for its accomplishments, not its shortcomings."

Burke said he could conduct a civil but spirited political battle with opponent Sly James.