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Meet The Buskers

Aug 22, 2013

Credit Bill Anderson / KCUR

So, a fire-eater, juggler, and a comedy-hypnotist-cowboy all walk into a radio studio. On the program today, there was a merry band of street performers also known as buskers.

Essentially, they make their money by doing a live, audience-interactive performance, followed by passing a hat around in order to collect a profit. It's an incredibly risky pursuit, but those who can make a living at it, get much more than just money in return. 

They share their stories of performing and the hard work it took to get there. Did you know that Clown College classes take up to 10 hours a day for 6 days a week?

We'll also hear their failures, successes, jokes, and even an in-studio performance. (Glass eating, anyone?) 

Check out all our guests at the Lawrence Busker Festival this weekend.

Rod Sipe has a variety of tricks up his sleeve.
Credit Bill / KCUR


  • Richard Renner, Organizer of the Lawrence Busker Festival
  • Terry Davolt, Comedy Hypnotist/T. Texas Terry
  • Rod Sipe, Fire-Eater
  • Brian Wendling, "Bob the Juggler"