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McCaskill Harkens Back to Truman for Accountability Plan

Independence, MO – Senate candidate Claire McCaskill stopped in Independence to unveil her national security platform. The Democrat called for more accountability of military contractors and a plan to begin moving U-S troops out of Iraq. KCUR's Maria Carter reports.

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Yesterday was Harry Truman's birthday, and state auditor Claire McCaskill stopped at the hometown of her fellow Democrat to outline her national security agenda and borrow one of Truman's major accomplishments as a Senator .

Claire McCaskill: I believe we need a new Truman Committee.

The original committee investigated military fraud and waste during World War Two. McCaskill says with the increased number of military contractors and no bid contracts its an idea whose time has come again, especially when soldiers from Missouri and across the nation are writing home to ask for equipment like vehicle armor.

Claire McCaskill: "When that request is set against the sea of profit for private no bid contractors enriching themselves on this it is immoral."

MCaskill likely will face Republican incumbent Jim Talent in the November election. A GOP spokesman Paul Sloca criticized McCaskill saying she was using Truman's legacy to cover up what he called a dangerous stance on immigration and intelligence.