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McCain Econ Navigator Charts KC Home Waters

Oct 31, 2008

Kansas City, Mo. – One of John McCain's chief advisors, and very nearly his running mate, comes to Kansas City to listen to homebuilders and tells them it's a little late to change remedies.
Tim Pawlenty will pass on their worries about banks holding onto lendable money but the campaign is almost over. Seven contractors huddled with him on the fringes of the Homeshow at Bartle Hall and he got a blunt message. He recounts it,
"if these banks are going to take assistance from the government then we should put some pretty tough expectations on them and one of which is you just can't sit on the money if the idea is to get em to lend then they should be required to lend and not just make their balance sheets look nice."
Governor Pawenty also hears that the glut of foreclosured houses up for sale has squeezed off life from new home construction in the Kansas City metro region.