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McCain Cautions: Senate Bailout Bill A Must

Oct 1, 2008

Independence, MO – John McCain invoked the spirit of Harry Truman at the Truman Presidential Library in Independence Missouri. He spoke on the economy and appeared to leave flex room on his earlier call for a one year federal spending freeze.


The Republican presidential candidate gave qualified support to the Wall Street bailout bill in the Senate and he warned of economic chaos should the measure fail. Then he keyed on working out of a 10 trillion dollar national debt. McCain called again for a 12 month freeze on spending for every agency of the federal government, and added,
"..Excepting only national defense, care of our veterans and a few critical priorities ."
The few critical priorities was new ground to the ears of political observers. But he did not take reporter's questions and did not elaborate. Unlike the Senator's appearance with running mate Governor Sarah Palin in another local suburb in the week after the GOP convention, there was no overflow crowd on lawns outside the Truman Library.