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Mayor Sticks To Basics In State Of City Address

May 29, 2009

Kansas City, MO – It was State of the City day at City Hall Thursday. And with the city clerk's office counting recall election petition signatures, Mark Funkhouser's first remarks were on the State of the Mayor.

Funkhouser's references to those who would oust him were brief, but emphatic: "Let there be no misunderstanding: I will be giving my third State of the City address at this time next year."

The mayor told the audience that the future of Kansas City depends on getting people to live here - and he asked the council to stand with him in addressing three key points - infrastructure, public safety, and improved quality of education. He added, "...and I ask you to stand with me even if it is politically hard, because all that really matters is that we do the right thing for Kansas City.

Funkhouser praised the current council, which he said has courageously addressed bad practices and policies that stood for decades. Steve Bell, KCUR News.