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Marble Madness

Jun 18, 2012

Kansas City is a mecca for barbeque enthusiasts, jazz masters, and … marble collectors? You might not know it, but when it comes to marble collecting, KC is the place to be. On Tuesday’s Central Standard we’re talking marbles. 

We'll be joined by Cathy Svacina, who donated the world's largest known collection of marbles to the Toy and Miniature Museum. She's also known as 'The Marble Lady,' and, in addition to writing about marbles, she hosts a variety workshops for kids. Rich Maxwell, author of Collecting Marbles: A Beginner's Guide, joins us to talk about starting your own marble collection.

Our final marble maven is Bruce Breslow, owner of Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Breslow is a marble artist and gives demonstrations of marble-making every Tuesday through Saturday at the shop. The store also sells a variety of traditional and whimsical toys, including Fiddlesticks, wind-up toys, and inflatable art.

Do you recall a childhood fondness for marbles? What makes marbles and other 'classic' toys and games occupy a warm place in your memory? Leave us a comment below or email at

You can stop by the Toy and Miniature Museum on Wednesday, June 20th from 1-3:30 p.m. to see their marble gallery and make an abstract painting using marbles. Regular admission.