Making Kansas City More Dementia-Friendly, And Being Judged By Your Bumper Stickers

Nov 27, 2017

Think you know a person by their bumper stickers? Think again, says Walter Goettlich, sociology graduate research assistant at the University of Kansas. "There are certain features of bumper stickers that you find on cars now that challenge one's assumptions," he says.
Credit Helvetiq / Flickr - CC

Rarely do public places and spaces in the U.S. cater to the needs of people with dementia. Today, we find out how advocates in Kansas City are creating social events and activities to help reduce the stigma surrounding the condition, and make the world an easier place for folks with dementia to navigate. Then, we learn what other drivers might think about you because of the stickers you put on your car. The messages they send may be different from what you intend.

Kansas City Public Library and the Heart of America Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association will host a conversation and screening of 'Alive Inside' at its Plaza Branch at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 28. For more information, go to