Majority Of Kansas City Water Pipes Withstand Sub-Zero Temps

Jan 6, 2014

Despite some of coldest weather in years, the Kansas City Water Services Department has not been inundated with service calls for frozen pipes or lines. Though, troubleshooters await a second full night of sub-zero temperatures.

Almost 100 calls have come from customers who say their water taps deliver nothing, but Jennifer Kincaid of the city’s Water Services wants people to stay aware the danger to pipes remains through Monday night.  

Frozen and burst pipes will eventually thaw and become very evident, Kincaid says water will be everywhere and that damage can be very costly and difficult to repair.

"It’s important to know where your main shutoff valve in your house is for that water service, so if you do experience a break on your pipe you can quickly shut that water service off and call for some help.”

If the shutoff valve doesn’t work, Kincaid  tells people in Kansas City to call right away for an emergency shutoff.