Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Missouri's Governor Redefines Normal

Dec 30, 2017

The year 2017 saw the transformation of a relatively unknown outsider into a globe-trotting governor who might just be the most interesting man in Missouri. Division abounded in Jefferson City; sometimes even among the various Republicans who dominate the House, Senate and governor's mansion. But the raft of news laws have made Missouri a different place—whether for better or worse depends on one's perspective.

Meanwhile, 2018 promises to be no less fascinating, with likely debates tax reform and education, budget cuts and transportation ... and, oh yes, a looming election.

As the General Assembly prepares to gavel in the new year's session, Statehouse Blend takes a look back and a look forward and the stories shaping Missouri politics. A panel of political journalists talks with host Brian Ellison about what will stay with them from 2017, and what they'll be watching in the year ahead.