A Look At Kansas City's Wannabe Sci-Fi Wardrobe

Mar 13, 2014

Patrick Fedo tweets us that he's going to dress up like Andy Knightley from "The World's End" this weekend at Planet Comicon in Kansas City.
Credit @Patrickfedo / Twitter

Don’t be alarmed by the number of adult men and women wearing capes and tights this weekend in downtown Kansas City.

That’s just Planet Comicon, a national gathering of science fiction and comics fans that runs from Friday to Sunday at Bartle Hall.

And those fans often show up in costume.

We wanted to know about your sci-fi apparel preferences, so we asked this question all week: If you were going to dress up for Comicon, which sci-fi hero would you pick?

You shot back a closet full of wardrobe options, from Doctor Who to Iron Man — to a few characters we admit to never having heard of.

We shared some of your responses on the air, but see the highlights below from the online Tell KCUR conversation.

For the full Twitter stream, follow the #TellKCUR hashtag.  

Headed to Comicon this weekend? Here's a nerd's guide to a weekend in Kansas City.

Tell KCUR is part of a new initiative to engage the community and shine a light on your experiences and opinions. We’ll ask a new question every week and then share your feedback on the air and online.

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