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Local Voices On Being Latino

Oct 12, 2009

Kansas City, MO – This week, KC Currents' Sylvia Maria Gross was part of a panel at the Kansas City Public Library called "Being Latino in America: Our Past and Our Future." For that conversation, she compiled a montage of voices from the many people around Kansas City she's interviewed for KC Currents over the years, and how they've spoke to this idea of "being Latino."

Included are the voices of Enrique Chi, of the roque en espanol band, Making Movies , Mario Canedo, host of a sex show on La Super X, Spanish radio, poet Andres Rodriguez, Linda Rodriguez of the Latino Writers Collective, Janet Murguia - head of the National Council of La Raza, Teresa Cuevas, a Topeka woman who helped start an all-female mariachi band, and World War II veteran Roque Riojas.

The music featured in this story was Instrumental by Jose Gonzalez and a piece recorded by Topeka's public television station KTWU of Mariachi Estrella.

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