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Local Novelist Transitions From Bankruptcy To Book Success

Nov 5, 2012

It's November, and you've hit rock bottom. If you're a creative sort of person, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) could help you out. It worked for one local author.

In the second half of Monday's Up to Date, we'll talk with Lenexa author Gennifer Albin who, after filing for bankruptcy, wrote her novel on computers at the public library as part of the annual writing challenge two years ago.

Crewel, the first book in a trilogy for young adults, explores a world where time and matter can be changed by a special few, and where one teenage girl seeks to change her destiny.

Gennifer Albin holds a Masters degree in English Literature from the University of Missouri. During her student years she served as an editor for Pleaides and The Missouri Review, and since then she’s founded the tremendously popular blog theconnectedmom.com.  She lives in Kansas with her ridiculously supportive husband, two small children, and a Tuesday cat.