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Local Latinos Disagree about Immigration Reform

Apr 3, 2006

Kansas City, MO – Last week, we brought you voices from an immigrants' rights rally in Kansas City Kansas. Most of the 2000 people who came out were Latino, and that's been true at rallies around the country. But not all Latinos agree about the issue. Sylvia Maria Gross interviewed two people in our area with differing views, both are Latinos, and, like most Latinos in this country, both are US citizens. The first is Martha Ramirez - she's a tax preparer who lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri. Ramirez organized the rally last Friday in just 24 hours.

Then, interpreter Carlos Rodriguez of Overland Park is concerned that immigration laws aren't being adequately enforced. Rodriguez usually votes Democratic, but on this issue, he disagrees with people who are trying to establish a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.