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Local Autoworkers Wait For News From Washington

Dec 17, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri – Thousands of autoworkers in the Kansas City area are watching the Washington debate over the proposed bailout closely, wondering what it will mean for their jobs. The Fairfax General Motors plant in Kansas City, Kansas, is already feeling the pinch. The company has added an additional two weeks to shut-down orders which would've kept the plant closed through mid January. Now workers won't be going back until February 9th.

Some analysts suggest General Motors consider Chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure debt. President of UAW Local 31 Jeff Manning says that's a bad idea.

"Just take yourself, would you want to go out and buy a car from a company that you don't know gonna be there or not?"

Manning says the union has made major concessions in negotiations with G.M. that will allow it to pay back the money when the economy turns around.