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Local Agencies Strategize To Combat Homelessness

Nov 16, 2009

Kansas City, MO – Despite the economic climate, homelessness in the Kansas City area is only up slightly this year, according to new data. But 50% of those surveyed, report being homeless for the first time.

The Homeless Services Coalition consists of 61 local service providers. The organizationa just applied for a grant to renew their funding from the federal department of Housing and Urban Development. This year, they need to renew about 4 million dollars, which accounts for about half of their total budget. The grant presents the various agencies' unified strategy for dealing with homelessness and compiles all the data gathered in the last year to describe the state of homelessness in Kansas City.

KCUR's Alex Smith stopped by the Homeless Service Coalition offices to find out what executive director Brian O'Malley learned when he put this year's grant together.

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