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Light Rail Transit Plan Swirls Around Overseers

Jul 24, 2008

Kansas City, Mo. – Keep the basic light rail plan, tinker with fine points later! The message was delivered more than once to the Kansas City Council's transportation committee. It was interspersed with politely expressed anger and frustration.
Final November ballot language isn't written and final form won't go to the full council this week. This was a time for public input as the Transportation and Infrastructure committee met. Northland business and civic panels signed on to the concept starting a rail line at Vivion Road,winding southward toward Country Club Plaza, then East. Southtown resident Lou Austin raises the spectre: Why does it skirt Union Station?:
In Austin's words, I individually pledge to work for the proposal with the northern and southern terminus with the caveat that there is a physical connection to union station. A physical connection to the union station.
Austin is not the first to notice the line misses the rail hub. Others including committee chair Russ Johnson are firm on the point that there needs to be an adjustable plan. Just to get the concept before voters.