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LGBT Organization Responds to Jessica's Law

Kansas City, MO – A Missouri gay and lesbian rights organization is applauding Governor Matt Blunt and the Missouri Legislature for taking homosexual behavior off the state list of sex crimes. KCUR's Steve Bell reports.

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"PROMO" (for the Personal Rights of Missourians) lauds the sex offender bill Governor Blunt signed Monday because it eliminates language in the old law that made all practicing gays and lesbians criminals. Julie Brueggemann says PROMO saw the push for a Jessica's law as an opportunity.

Lisa Brueggemann: "We saw this as an opportunity to get that outdated and unconstitutional language off the books once and for all and all of the legislators agreed that it was the right thing to do."

A 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision in a Texas case invalidated criminalizing consenting adult same-sex acts, but the Missouri law remained on the books and was the Department of Social Services' justification for not allowing gay or lesbian couples to be foster parents.