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Legal Tempest In Child Search

Oct 28, 2011

Kansas City, MO. – With the perplexing disappearance of 11 month old Lisa Irwin unresolved, an apparent dispute between legal advisers complicates the investigation. The stories from siblings remains largely unexamined.

The Kansas City lawyer representing the parents has quit, contesting accounts that she, Cyndi Short, was fired by a New York Lawyer who signed on earlier.

Short's assessment reported by Associated Press was, "He can't do that. I work for the parents."

Attorneys have disagreed over how, when and even if, little Lisa's two half brothers should be reinterviewed. They were first questioned, with help of a child advocate, on October 4th.

Police want to know what the boys, ages 5 and 8, know of what happened the night or morning the child vanished. She was reported taken from her parent's northland Kansas City home on October 4th.

Multiple searches have failed.

Short has said re-interviewing the boys might harm them. Police say the remaining lawyer, Joe Tacopina, suggests the interrogatory session might happen next week.