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Legal Attack Bashes Drug Gangs

Feb 9, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Two Kansas City prosecutors, one state, one federal, have begun using a two year federal grant to take apart drug gangs. First public visibility came this afternoon.

Jackson County's Jim Kanatzer says gangs will be addressed one at a time. Large and small. Today 7 people were indicted for conspiracy to sell crack cocaine. In The county prosecutor's words--" my guess would be that well over 50 percent of the violent crime cases we see have some kind of gang nexus."

The seven are purported members of what's known as the " Click Clack Gang".

It operates between Cleaver Boulevard and 27th street, The Paseo to Jackson

. Police say of more than 20 guns seized, three are confirmed used in shootings with injuries, one in an unsolved homicide.

U. S. Attorney for Missouri's Western District,Beth Phillips, is taking many of the cases into federal courts.